Commercial Plumbing Services

Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Services for the Midsouth

UpChurch truck

Upchurch Plumbing was established in 1972 providing complete mechanical services and installations for the Mid-South. Plumbing repair services for north Mississippi and the Memphis area are provided by Upchurch Services, LLC, LLC, founded in 2002 in Horn Lake, MS.

Full Service Contractor

We provide top quality plumbing repair service ranging from small fixture residential plumbing repairs to larger commercial plumbing repair such as drainage, sewer and renovations of infrastructure.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Upchurch Services, LLC offers direct communication and 24/7 service to guarantee customer satisfaction. We provide a variety of general residential and commercial plumbing services: general plumbing repair, installation and renovations; emergency plumbing repair; and drain, septic and vacuum services. Use the links on the right side of this page or the navigation bar for more detailed information.

Small Business Values, Big Business Resources

We lead the pack of modern plumbing companies. Our technicians are fully equipped on the road and on the job site including a fully functional Safety Trailer. Also, Upchurch Services, LLC employs two DOT certified flush trucks in addition to all pumps, lifts, and hydro-jets necessary for even the largest commercial plumbing jobs. With Upchurch Services, LLC you don’t have to pay huge rental fees and wait days for the equipment to arrive to your site.

Plumbing Repair to Meet Your Needs

  • Energy analysis, utility tracking
  • Energy Conservation Projects
  • Specialty equipment service such as heat pumps and make up air units
  • Boiler Projects
  • Drain and Sewer Service (Horn Lake office only)
  • Video Inspection
  • Domestic and tankless water heaters